Medicina Pharmaceuticals

Partnerships and Licensing


Medicina Pharmaceuticals (Greece)
Backed by a leading private equity firm, Medicina pharmaceuticals is a specialist pharmaceutical company based in Greece with a main focus on niche opportunities within the hospital market. Medicina has a portfolio of generic products that are well established in their markets, and continue to respond well by our Hospital Representatives. Medicina is well positioned to partner with companies to successfully commercialise products in a wide range of therapeutic areas and market settings. We are sales and marketing experts in a number of therapeutic areas including:
- oncology, antibiotics, intensive care, anesthesiology, actinotherapy, gastroenterology.

We offer
Medicina may be your best partner for maximizing the Greek sales of products that you wish to license out for the hospital market.

We are interested in:
1. Patented pharmaceuticals targeted at the hospital market.
2. Generics aimed at the hospital market, particularly those that are in sterile/injectable formulation or which have an added value.

We are not interested in:
1. Early stage developments
2. High volume generics
3. OTC or health food products.